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Homework is a ‘Concept’ by which students are kept engaged with the Subjects, Chapters and Subtopics taught in classes, beyond the school hours. It is in fact, considered to be a fundamental part of school related activities to be assigned by the teachers during school hours and is meant to be completed after school in the evenings or weekends.

Studies show that homework can help students accelerate the learning processes through self-studies and self-understanding of the subject matters. By doing homework, students can engage themselves with what has been taught in class via practical exercises and workbooks. As a matter of fact, Homework helps students understand the material in greater depth. Moreover, it allows teachers to assess how much the student has learned and assess them on a continuous basis. According to research conducted by Duke University Psychology Professor – Harris Cooper, there is a positive relation between homework and student achievement. He found out that homework can help students perform better in school.

For students in high school, where the syllabus content increases substantially, students need to complete multiple assignments, homework, classwork and exams. It is also a time when college applications begin and students start choosing a career for their future. They tend to deal with this culture in various forms of activities like self-learning through referring textbooks, notes, group discussions, online forums, attempting mock tests, etc. to fulfill the syllabus for better results. The ever-growing volume of assignments which have stipulated deadlines need some extra support to solve their queries. This is where a communication application like ‘Agorae’ can help. With its doubt clearing feature, students can post doubts in three formats—text, images or polls. Respective teachers and peers can address students’ concerns as soon as they arise. This process of quick doubt-clearing will help students gain confidence in their work and get less worried if they have queries outside of school hours. The App unites the teacher-student connect and builds a sense of communication, engagement and learning.

This part of curriculum is only to make the students stronger and more stable on their mindsets and skill-sets before launching them in the bigger stage of higher studies and work life.

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