Agorae Making Admissions Simpler for Educational Institutions.

There is no denying that COVID-19 had a significant impact on our lives and the national economy. Everything has become digitally friendly and online, including office jobs, commerce, education, and coaching. We are aware that applying to schools manually might be a time-consuming procedure. Why not streamline the application process for kids and make it smooth for schools? It’s possible thanks to admission management systems by Agorae, though! The software is what controls how students are admitted online.

What is software for the admissions process?

The student admission process is made simple and effective by the admission process software like Agorae, which aids educational institutions. The number of students enrolling in schools and institutes of higher learning has significantly increased, placing enormous demand on the academic and administrative staff. They must personally organize and handle the entire admissions process. School admission software and the higher education admission process are becoming increasingly essential options for educational institutions as it becomes difficult to manage the procedure without just wiping out all the faults in between.

Difficulties with the manual admissions procedure

The unstable environment at the administration’s and personnel’s end 

A lot of different departments, paperwork, approvals, signatures, and other things are involved in the manual admission procedure. There are numerous pending clearances, which slows down the admissions process. It’s a busy procedure for the administrators and staff as well because they have to deal with each student’s inquiry, complete the admission form, review fee submissions, generate enrollment numbers and many other tasks.

Probabilities of malfunction and mistakes

Multiple steps in the admissions process need to be managed properly; occasionally, passing papers from one department to another increases malfunctioning, the likelihood of error, and cheating, all of which have an immediate impact on the acceptance and retention rates of students.

Controlling fee processes is difficult 

One of the most crucial components of an educational institution is the fee, and managing it becomes increasingly challenging during the admission process because it contains many different items and transactions. A single error made when recording a fee transaction can result in several errors and issues. 

Staff miscommunication and chaos

As was already said, the admissions process entails several steps that, when completed manually, lead to confusion and miscommunication among staff and administrators, which in turn causes losing faculty and student enthusiasm for the school. 

How can software for the admissions process benefit educational institutions?

An education process software like Agorae aids in automating the entire academic and administrative framework to ensure smooth operations. The major goal of doing this is to support the administration and students by giving them faster, clearer, and easier access to records that they may use whenever and wherever they are needed.

Automated programs 

An automated ERP admission software such as Agorae is a system that assists in processing all duties quickly and efficiently, therefore cutting down on the processing time for all admissions. The rigorous timetable of the manual admittance process is eliminated because they can access any information whenever they want from wherever they feel most comfortable. 


Aids in turning potential admission inquiries into applications

Automation and the use of independent school admissions software and college admissions software are primarily used to streamline admissions processes. A strong admission ERP like Agorae aids institutions in giving the appropriate insights regarding overall admission inquiries. An ERP admissions software gives you smooth automation, is built to collect the most student data possible, and can undoubtedly assist schools and colleges in effectively converting potential admission queries.

Reduces the hectic and time-consuming admissions procedure 

The admissions process is one of the most crucial duties in educational institutions, as was previously noted. It must be done simply and methodically, but the manual approach causes a lot of confusion and disorder among employees and managers. Through the elimination of lengthy admissions lines, simple fee payments and transactions, an easy enrollment management process, and all other things that can be managed easily and efficiently, automated admission process software helps educational institutions avoid hectic schedules at each end. This results in an admission process that is quick, flexible, and error-free.

Mobile application and portal 

Since mobile apps have already ingrained themselves into our daily lives, they are crucial to every sector. The use of a mobile app makes carrying out any task for people really simple and convenient. A mobile app and portal are provided by an adaptable and simple admission ERP software, which makes the admissions process thorough, simple, practical, and comfortable. All activities relating to admissions, form generation, form submission, fee payments, and other procedures are accessible to students, parents, instructors, and staff at any time and from any location.

Minimizes paperwork 

You may have already realized that an ERP admission software’s primary goal is to automate the entire admissions process. This leads to a thorough and systematic organization of all operations in a single system, which reduces the need for pointless paperwork and makes work easier.

Enables effectiveness 

An effective ERP admission software automates all of the activities within the institute with a focus on quick,  organized, simple, and accurate operations that create opportunities and growth for each prospect.

Why should your school or higher education institution use Agorae ERP software to simplify the admissions process?

What do you think about using software to manage the admissions process? Is it not beneficial? Of course, however, you must pick a program that is excellent, adaptable, and reliable like Agorae, which may assist in streamlining the admissions procedure in your school, college, or other education facilities by delivering transparent and organized admission procedures. So what are you waiting for call us now or just request a demo to streamline the entire admission process in your institution.

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