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Education has been valued in our society since ancient times. Instilling values and shaping attitudes and behaviour by societal norms are the primary goals of education. Besides this other goals of education involves availing students with the knowledge and abilities they need to make successful choices in their lives. But as society and technology evolve, the dynamic nature of what is “required” in life changes. Thus, Education 4.0 is a result of the development and evolution of education. In this article let us discuss in brief the importance and advantages of education 4.0 in the present context.

What is Education 4.0?

Technology began to pervade the educational process in the twenty-first century, and both students and teachers began to employ technology in the classroom in fundamental ways that became known as Education 2.0. Education 3.0 is a result of technological improvements, particularly the widespread acceptance of a more user-generated internet. 

The fourth industrial revolution’s Education 4.0 learning strategy now seeks to modernize education by utilizing automation and cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart technology are all part of this technological revolution.

Importance of Education 4.0

Education 4.0 seeks to improve upon the drawbacks of traditional teaching and learning methods. The primary responsibility for learning will change from teachers to students under Education 4.0. Over the next few years, classes will become more adaptable to different learning styles. Let us discuss the importance of adapting Education 4.0 at present time-

Emerging transformations

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to the transformation of a new era in the educational sector that enables research, instruction, and services in individual unique ways. Examples include – virtual classrooms, libraries, laboratories, etc. Education 4.0 is also pushing colleges, institutions, and schools to modernize.

Promoting a student-centric model of education

Students will be able to pick the subjects they want to study with a unique learning experience because of Education 4.0. Besides this, student’s education will be more project-based to assist them in building time-management or interpersonal skills that will prepare them for the workplace. 

Transforming teaching methodologies

With the dawn of Education 4.0 the inventive ways in which teachers can impart knowledge will be definitely more efficient. Teachers are also involved as part of a comprehensive program to increase teacher capacity, which connects training with career development alongside boosting their productivity.

Advantages of Education 4.0

At present time there is an increasing need to adopt Education 4.0 and the use of technology in education. Let us discuss a few key benefits of Education 4.0 –

Preparing students about the rapidly changing industry

As a result of Education 4.0, more firms integrate cyber-physical systems, and thus the skills needed by employees will undoubtedly change. So, Education 4.0 is all about embracing change, integrating technology into the classroom, and helping schools anticipate the needs of their future students.

Automating everyday administrative tasks

Teachers are required to spend a lot of time doing manual administrative tasks. The use of technology in education will make automated activity grading and assessment easier, which will help teachers. Modern ERP software like Agorae in the field of education can automate administrative tasks so that teachers can spend more time with students, improving the educational environment in the classroom.

Providing personalized education

Through the use of technology in the classroom, it is intended that teachers will better be able to outline each student’s potential and limitations. Because every student learns at a different pace with a different approach, teachers may now better meet the needs of their students, thanks to Education 4.0!

Offering access to all students

To make learning accessible to all students, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in the classroom. With the aid of AI capabilities like real-time subtitles and other features, even visually or audibly handicapped students can access instruction. 

Education 4.0 is the way ahead

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Industrial Revolution 4.0 will have a huge impact on the Indian educational system. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by artificial intelligence, which would enhance the educational experience of students and teachers and will indeed have a positive impact on Indian society. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Industrial Revolution 4.0 will have a huge impact on the Indian educational system. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, driven by artificial intelligence, would enhance the educational experience and present innovative opportunities for higher learning, which may have a positive impact on Indian society. The 4th Industrial Revolution is playing an increasingly significant role in the global education sector.

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