How Agorae improves communication between teachers, parents, and students through different features

Schools are exploring ways to increase connection between parents, teachers, and students in the digital age. This is now achievable thanks to school management software. All school-related activities, such as attendance, exams, and fees, are efficiently managed by school management software, which also serves as a platform for improved communication between parents, instructors, and the school administration. Agorae can be a great remedy, as this blog will describe how School Management Software can enhance parent-teacher communication.

How Agorae's features enhance communication between teachers, parents, and students

Instantaneous Communication

Parents and teachers may communicate in real time thanks to Agorae. Using the class, batch, subject, and topic options, students can structure how they post their questions. Students have the option of posting their questions in text, image, or poll format. Students who tend to be quiet in class for a variety of reasons can ask questions on the app. It is simple to search for and save previously answered questions for future use. Additionally, students have access to questions from previous batches for the same course. This feature makes it possible for parents and teachers to communicate effectively, ensuring that parents are aware of their kid’s progress and can collaborate with teachers to give their children the best education possible.

Updates on homework and classwork

Parents have a platform to stay informed about their child’s classwork and homework thanks to Agorae’s school management software features. For their particular classes and batches, students can access the class notes and reference materials that have been uploaded. As soon as they are published, all assignments are available for students to download and access later. This function allows submitting work for projects, assignments, and tests in a subjective manner. 

To preserve all repositories for future use and impromptu ideas, using cloud storage. This feature makes sure that parents can keep track of their child’s progress and are aware of what they are learning. Parents can check up on their kids’ completed homework, monitor their progress, and ask teachers any queries they may have. It encourages parent-student and teacher collaboration while enabling parents to be more involved in their children’s education.

Attendance Monitoring

One essential function offered by Agorae’s School Management Software is attendance tracking. Reports on attendance by students and a performance summary are available. Students, parents, and teachers can obtain a monthly calendar snapshot of their child’s attendance history. Parents and students can submit requests for leave to the admin for approval. With the use of this function, parents may monitor their kids’ attendance and take the appropriate action if their kids aren’t there. Using attendance monitoring, parents can keep an eye on their kids’ attendance and make sure they go to school on time, which can improve their academic achievement.

Test and Assessments

Updated test schedules will be provided to students via direct app alerts.

For convenient reference, exam preparation activities, and consultation with peers and teachers, students can download past exam papers. With Agorae’s particular feature, Parents can now examine the student’s in-app report cards to follow their progression in the assessments. Students can practise for exams that will be given by their teachers. In addition to this, before the test, students will receive a notification, serving as a simple reminder. They will be able to access quick results on their App thanks to the auto-marking system. Students can take Unit Test/HY exams online in the Objective/MCQ format. By directly connecting with both parents and children and informing them to begin exam preparations well in advance, you can put a stop to test schedule-related worry.

Payment of Fees

Parents can conveniently pay their child’s tuition online thanks to Agorae’s school management software. Parents who might not have the time to physically visit the school to make payments will benefit from this function. Parents can use a secure online platform to make payments with the aid of school management software at any time and from any location. Parents won’t need to bring cash or make several trips to the school to handle tasks relating to fees thanks to this function. With the use of school management software, parents may access information about their child’s fees, pay fees, and promptly obtain receipts and confirmations. 

For parents, this service makes the fee payment method simple and convenient. The App offers a detailed view of past-due fees with a breakdown and status, and a summary of the paid and unpaid fees. Then there are numerous options for the payable fees And after every payment, a confirmation popup appears. Also, the app’s fee receipts can be downloaded.

Faculty Comments

Agorae’s school management software helps in providing teachers with input on the institution’s management. Thus, giving teachers feedback to the institution’s management. Through a preset questionnaire created by the institutes, students and parents can provide feedback for the teachers under several criteria. This information is recorded in an accessible matrix for future study and usage. A complete solution for school management software, Agorae App has all the features required to enhance parent-teacher communication. 

Circulars, Notices, Announcements, and Notifications

With the help of Agorae’s enhanced features, students and parents can share any official information via a PDF document by accessing the notices and circulars produced by the Institution Management or Admin. 

Also, important announcements from the Institution Management are available for students and parents to read to stay informed about any administrative decisions, class schedules, unexpected holidays, examination rules, results, etc. 

Notifications are provided to keep students and parents informed of any updates and reminders, all pertinent information will be sent to them via push notifications on the app.

Timetable, Important Happenings, and Student Profile

Viewing the daily schedule is necessary to attend both online and offline sessions. For simple tracking of class schedules, students can utilize Timetable. 

Through the “Happenings” Section, which combines text and a photo gallery, students and parents can learn about the institution’s numerous events and happenings. They can also leave comments to share their own personal experiences. 

Students can only access their own profile page, which contains all the data that the institute’s administration has provided. Using the same email address, parents can change their children’s profiles on a single click.

Final Thoughts

A complete solution for school management software, Agorae App has all the features required to enhance parent-teacher communication. Parents may access all of the information on their child’s schooling in one place thanks to the App’s user-friendly UI. It enables parents to remain involved in their children’s education and guarantees that they receive the finest education available. We offer a forum for productive dialogue between parents and educators, enabling them to cooperate and enhance a child’s education. In conclusion, Agorae is a fantastic tool for schools, parents, and teachers, and School Management Software is a great approach to enhance parent-teacher communication.

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