How Agorae will help reduce manual workload and increase work efficiency?

There were times when staff needed to rely upon paper-based systems to maintain student information, grades, attendance, administrative information, financial information, and such vital information in any educational institution. But now School management software has revolutionized the way they manage vital things more efficiently. With the appearance of school management system software like Agorae, many schools, colleges, and coaching institutes can now automate almost all of these techniques, thus enabling academic and administrative best practices in favor of the educational institution while reducing manual workload and enhancing performance. So, in this blog post we will explore the various ways in which Agorae, a school management software, will help reduce manual workload and increase work efficiency.

Ways in which agorae can reduce manual workload and increase work efficiency

Manual work is basically error-prone, time-consuming, and plain old get-in-the-way thing which seems no fun. That is why a school management app like Agorae can be a lifesaver in such conditions. By automating some of the most common and essential tasks, a school management app can successfully reduce the workload for administrators, teachers, and other staff, in addition to improving student’s and parent’s workflow. Let us now explore how Agorae can help reduce manual workload and improve work efficiency.

Automating the management of attendance

Traditionally, taking and managing attendance manually was normal, which was a time-consuming and laborious task. With Agorae, attendance management can be automated, thus reducing manual workload significantly. Class Teachers can now take attendance from their Mobile app inside the classroom without any hassle. The software automatically updates the student’s attendance records.

Streamlining tests and assessments

Managing tests and assessments manually can be a very daunting task for anyone. Agorae simplifies this process by providing an automated exam management system. With the help of Agorae, students will get updated test schedules through direct notifications on the app and automated exam preparation activities or consultations with their peers and teachers. In addition to this parents can also monitor the student’s performance. This automation saves time and reduces the workload of administrators and teachers especially.

Easy management of student information

Agorae helps schools/ colleges to manage student information more efficiently thereby reducing manual workload. This school/college management software can store and track all student information at the same time which includes personal details, disciplinary history, educational information, and attendance. This fact can help get rid of the manual document-preserving and can be accessed by both teachers and parents.

Simplifying Fee management system

Manual fee management is another critical task that is very time-consuming, error-prone, and daunting at the same time. Agorae can help simplify this need with a few clicks. The Institution can mark manual payments through customized payment modes with Full/Partial based fee amounts with the easy settlement of late fees. Additionally, records of the fee dues can be easily searched, viewed, or changed very efficiently across the Institution.

Enhancing Communication

It is essential for the achievement of any academic institution to have effective communication among teachers, parents, and students. Agorae enables a platform for schools to talk with parents and students. Students can post their doubts in a structured manner using the class, batch, subject, and topic selections, thereby teachers can also access doubts raised by students and answer back using optional attachments anytime anywhere. This automation enabled by agorae can reduce the manual workload of teachers and administrators.

Streamlining Library Management

Managing a library manually is a tough job, especially in large educational institutions. Agorae provides an organized online library management system for students and staff of the Institution. Thus, this digital empowerment saves time and reduces the workload for both librarians and administrators. The software can verify and track receiver information, manage book reservations, and likewise can also generate reports on library usage.

Helps to provide analytics and insights

With the help of Agorae, administrators will be able to view and track the entire activity dashboard, various reports, and different analytics for both students and teachers. All Communication can be controlled by the institution’s admin and authorities through the admin-level dashboard and control panel. With the help of these insights schools/colleges can make statistics-driven decisions in the areas of development.


Agorae simplifies many critical tasks and makes teaching jobs easy. Using automation for many tasks, reduces manual workload extensively, thus allowing administrators and teachers to be more efficient and productive. Also, worth mentioning all educational institutions that have adopted school management software have been experiencing extensive improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and student outcomes.

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