In any educational institution, teachers are one of the most important pillars on which the institute stands on. And while the development of students is their primary goal, they also participate in various non-academic activities for the smooth functioning of the institute.

Library Book Issuance

Teachers can avail ‘Search’, ‘Issue’ and ‘Notify Me’ options.

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Other Features

Accessing doubts raised by students and answering back using optional attachments anytime anywhere.

Teachers can have access to their class routines for multiple classes/batches for easy reference to make their lesson plans ready on time.

Teachers stay updated on Institution’s Events via ‘Happenings’ Section, with text, pictures, comments, likes, and sharing.

Teachers can only view their own credentials and other information as has been fed by the Admin Department.

Raising request to the Admin or Head of the Institution for any general purpose.

Viewing the faculty feedback given by students/ parents for their self-performance growth.

Previous test results can be accessed by teachers according to class, batch, subject and exam title.

Access to notices and circulars published by the institution management.

Less paperwork, more teaching. Lesson wise planning can be done according to the class and section covered and sharing class notes for students & reference.

All relevant communications will be notified to Students and Parents using push notifications on App to keep themselves up-to-date of any developments and reminders.

Teachers will have access to textual Announcements for urgent and important notifications being sent by the Institute’s Admin Department.

Teachers can access previous years’ test papers class wise, exam wise and subject wise for future teaching and exam paper planning

Teachers can avail ‘Search’, ‘Issue’ and ‘Notify Me’ options.

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